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  • Retirement Residences for elderly known as senior retirement inns or retirement communities mostly offer a limited nurse care assistant to their residents, thus convert their facilities name to Assisted Living Residences.
  • Assisted living residences are designed for seniors who don’t need 24 hour care, but do need some help with their daily activities such as housekeeping, bathing, and cooking.


  • Assisted Living Residences normally have a 4 tier charges:
    • 1. Cost of Habitat which is minimal & may be $1,000-$2,000/month
    • 2. Cost of Support Services which normally is a fixed fee, may be $2,000-$4,000/month
    • 3. Cost of Care Services, which is based on demand, may cost another $2,000-$4,000/month

 Who Pays:

  • Primarily, residents or their families pay for the cost of living in Assisted Living Facilites.
  • Some Health and/or Long Term Care Insurances pay for a portion or all of the nursing expenses.
  • In some states, Medicaid payment or waivers are accepted by certain facilities; some subsidies for rent and services for low-income residents, others may provide subsidies in the form of additional payment for those who receive Supplement Security income or Medicaid.

It is always wise to seek council from an elder-law attorney to review the financial and legal consideration associated with assisted living.


  • These facilities are basically retirement living habitat for the senior citizens who are capable to manage their day to day living independently. Just as a marketing tool, the facility owners have added some kind of nursing assistant to attract more residents. Unfortunately, since nursing care of elderly is not their primary service, such supplement services often fall short from real need of residents.