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Admission to Burlingame Senior Home is as easy as ...

Contact Burlingame Senior Home [Faye at 650.340-8789] to schedule a tour from the facility plus a short orientation by the facility Administrator to become fully informed of the services that BSH can and shall provide for your loved one.                        

 BSH Administrator will visit the prospective resident to provide a free Health & Physical assessment of the potential resident. The purpose of this assessment is:

  A. To evaluate the resident to ascertain the best care plan that fits his/her cognitive and/or physical conditions.

  B. To find the best matching group among the residents of our facilities, making sure that they will be among the group that he/she would mingle better and feel more comfortable, communicating and making relations.

Attend another short meeting with the facility’s Administrator to review her assessments, suggestions, and recommendations about the best care for your loved one. Following this meeting, you may:

  A. Sign the admission agreement and move in; or

  B. Reserve the room for a later time.

Very seldom, BSH may recommend that you move your loved one to a skilled nursing facility or other institutions that provide a higher level of care. Because of our Dementia and Hospice waivers, BSH is qualified and committed to take care of any elderly person despite the difficulty and/or the high degree of the level of care that may be needed.