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Bay Area Residential Care [BARC] is a family owned corporation that was established in September 1995. And is operated by its founders Fereshteh [Faye] and Keihan Ehsanipour.

BARC started its first Board and Care facility [Burlingame Senior Home-1] in January 1996.The spiritual reward of our services plus the support and the interest of the community encouraged us to expand our organization and within few years, we opened our second facility in Quesada. This helped us to eliminate our long waiting list and enabled us to respond to the need of the elder community much faster and more effectively.  Our objective was and consistently is to attain the support of the local health professionals to provide a comfortable and happy life for the elder community in the Bay Area in general and in Hillsborough and Burlingame in particular.

Peculiar Charactersitics

Bay Area Residential Care is a unique Residential Care Home where we value the CARE of the elderly, rather than just providing them a luxury habitat.
We focus on our residents, their lives, their health, and their families. 


Fereshteh Ehsanipour

BSH Administrator, Faye Ehsanipour has over (15) years experience nursing the elderly people suffering from following illnesses:

◙ Alzheimer or other forms of dementia;
◙ Confusion and/or delusion;
◙ Depression;
◙ Stroke;
◙ Congestive heart failure;
◙ Cancer
◙ Pneumonia and Aspiration pneumonia;
◙ Lack of Mobility;
◙ Diabetes;
◙ Kidney Failure;
◙ Lung disease/ Breathing disorder; and
◙ Loss or impairment of human’s 5 senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, & touching

Her educational background plus her vast experience in care of the elderly has enabled her to become acquainted with the symptoms, diagnosis, and effective treatments of the above diseases; thus she is more effectual in handling residents affected by the above illnesses.

This experience has brought her the knowledge of providing a better care for the elderly who suffer from these chronic diseases.  She assists the residents' health professionals and their families to form a care coalition for providing the ultimate care and health support for the aged or frailed residents of the facility,


BSH has one of the lowest rates of staff turn-over. As our direct care-givers are well trained by our Administrator for a long time, they communicate with and assist the Administrator effectively about the well-being of the residents at all time.  On the other hand, since the residents do not see different faces every often, they are less confused and feel more secure. In addition, we have a 1/3 ratio of worker/residents which again generates more security among our residents. 

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a quality life correlated with a healthy body for our residents in a comfortable, safe, and joyful environment, while maintaining their dignity and their values. We are committed to excellence and under no circumstances we may fall short of providing full and flawless care to our residents.