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  • Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly [RCFE] provide care, supervision, and assistance with all daily living activities such as grooming, hygiene, food service, clothing, and medicine management.
  • Some facilities may also provide incidental medical services under supervision of licensed nurses.
  • RCFEs, based on the initial needs of the elderly people are categorized in two major types:
  • Ambulatory: Capable of walking; not bedridden, and
  • Non-ambulatory: Not capable of walking, or bedridden.


  • In average, Residential Care Facilities costs approximately $2,500 to $4,000 monthly, for the Basic Services. Additional cost shall be added for the level of care needed, based on the extent of services that can be supported by the RCFE. Some facilities have one flat fee for all services.

Who Pays:

  • Primarily, residents or their families pay for the cost of living in RCFEs.
  • Some Health and/or Long Term Care Insurances pay for a portion or all of the expenses.
  • Certain facilities may accept SSI.
  • Medicaid does not pay for RCFE expenses.


  • Smaller facilities reside only six residents, while bigger facilities may accept over fifty residents. The smaller facilities look and are operated very similar to a single dwelling residence, thus they provide the impression of living in their personal home for the residents.

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