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  • Live at Home is by far the most desirable style of living for most senior citizens.
  • Unfortunately the health condition of the seniors normally does not allow them to continue this living style for good.
  • Thus the elders who decide to Live At Home to some extent are forced to receive Home Health Care from physicians, nurses, nurse assistants, or personal care givers.

Home Health Care services cover a broad range of services including high tech pharmacy services, skilled professional and paraprofessional services, custodial care, and medical equipment provided or delivered to home.


  • As noted above, home health care may cover many services, thus its cost fluctuates based on the services and/or required equipment.
  • In general the cost of full time nurse care services varies from $1,200 to $4,800 monthly. Including the cost of the house such as mortgage, utilities, foods, and supplies. The cost of living at home is normally higher than all the other options. 

Who Pays:

  • Obviously, residents or their families shall pay for the cost of the household however, in most cases Medicare pays for some cost of the home health care.
  • In addition to the resident, following groups in certain circumstances may subsidize the cost.
    • Medicaid
    • HMOs or managed care plans/community & services programs
    • Private insurances
    • Long term care insurance


  • Although living at home is desirable by almost every senior citizen, just because they are well acquainted with their environment. By same token, these residents, often, suffer from loneliness and become depressed. Still because of lack of continuous and close health monitoring, they become more vulnerable to infection, hunger, and psychological disorders.

Still, the high and unpredictable cost of this style of living for senior citizens makes this option infeasible and impractical.